Friday, October 23, 2009

Love is having a Grandma Hippo

Yes, I love this little hippo...
I've never been sure why I've called her that, but I have always called her Grandma Hippo. She has been sooooo sick lately and it breaks my little pea pickin heart. It has been a great opportunity to reflect on all the things that she has done for me and helped me to be.
First of all, Grandma taught me that having hair in your face is bad. It doesn't matter if that is the style or you just don't care, she always had a tacky, little, plastic barrette to pin my bangs back.
Grandma also taught me that it's not necessarily a bad thing to swallow water from the canal. You shouldn't actively drink it, but unlike Mrs. Swagger, Grandma never told me that I was going to die or be severly deformed because I like to swim in the canal.
Popsicles are okay for breakfast. Nuff said.
Said popsicles must have a paper towel square underneath them.
Pig tails are still an acceptable way to do your hair, not matter how old you are.
If you are 80 years old, you can eat whatever you want.
Little old ladies are excused from everything. That's just the way it works.
Everything can be fixed with a bandaid, a barrette or a needle.
(and a popsicle)
Toys that make loud noises are great revenge.
You must wear nylons. Women who don't...welll.....
If you drink, chances are, you will be made fun of FOREVER.
(aka Mark Lutz)
Just because the world is going to end doesn't mean you won't need toilet paper.
A flour sack dish towel can be used for EVERYTHING.
Wagons are an acceptable mode of transportation. So are lawnmowers. And roller skates.
If mom says no, chances are...Grandma will say yes.
And last but not least-
Love your family. They will choose your nursing home. :)
All joking aside-my grandma is an amazing person. She is a kindred spirit and I will love her forever and ever and ever and ever. She is the kindest person that I know and the closer she gets to heaven, the more I can see her little heart of gold shine through.
There. Reminiscing done. Now, I have to get on with life and go be a strong person.