Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Beauty of Being a Woman

 "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." - Proverbs 31:10

I've been thinking for a few days now how messed up this world is.  Seriously.
I saw a commercial for Women's MMA (mixed martial arts for you non-espn-ers) followed by a segment on Danica Patrick and the Daytona 500 followed by another segment about women in sports.
Now, I'm not trying to judge them, but not one of these women looked like my mother- who I consider the ultimate woman.
Then, later on that day, I was told that women like me set the women's liberation movement back 20 years.
Then, today, I taught a primary class purely on inspiration because I didn't have a manual and it wasn't planned...and the discussion somehow led to why women don't have the priesthood.
Now, first of all, I realize that my views are archaic and old fashioned and not at all trendy.
I believe that women do have rights.
I also believe that women have divine qualities and a divine purpose in this world.
I personally may not be able to fulfill some of these qualities and purposes and I'm quite alright with that.
So, this leads me to ask...
What exactly is wrong with just being a good, virtuous woman?
What is so "uncool" about cooking and cleaning and caring for those you love?
Why is it not okay to wear a dress to church?
What is wrong about wanting to make the world and your home a better, more beautiful place?
We, as women, have a privilege.
We get to affect the world for the better, and we don't even have to try.
It just comes naturally.
I want to be pretty and delicate and sweet and kind and honest and trustworthy and virtuous and lovely.
We get to raise children. (whether they belong to us or not.)
We are automatically equipped with the ability to love and to nurture.
We serve freely.
We are kind.
We are good.
We change the world every day.
I'm not saying we all have to be barefoot, pregnant and locked in the kitchen.
I'm saying be a woman and be proud of what and who you are.
Don't think that you have to be masculine to fit in a man's world.
Be gentle.
Be good.
Be kind.
Be beautiful.
is how a woman can change the world.
I urge you to celebrate womanhood.
I personally am going to try very hard to be more kind, gentle and lovely this week.
I am going to respect myself and treat myself as such.
I am going to build my family, small as it may be.
Go, be a woman. 
I am woman, hear me speak kindly and softly and gently.
Not roar.
It's not ladylike.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm the Chubby Friend.

Chubby girls have feelings too.  They might be a touch harder to find under all this fluff, but they're, please don't assume that just because I'm built like a Mac truck and act tough that my feelings won't get hurt if you stomp all over them.
Also, we don't like being the big butt of all of your jokes. ( I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.)

So, first, I felt bad.
Then, I read THIS FABULOUS BLOG... again.
Then, because I like to laugh,  I found these.
This is true.  I mean really?  Have you met me?

We do.  It's true.

Now, don't go feeling bad for me.  Because I don't.  I love me.  I'm awesome.
I just need other people to realize that I'm a whole lot of awesome.

And finally, this.  Because it's true.  And even though I'm chubby and out of shape and not what you think is great and not even what I think is beautiful...Heavenly Father still loves me.
So there.