Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Blank, please blank, Love Me.

Again, I've been writing letters to random people in my head. I need to get them out, because if I don't, they'll just swirl around until I become crazier.
Also, I have found a website that makes me laugh.

So, in the same token, here you go.

Dear Black Eyed Peas, Who in the world gave you the right to remake "Time of My Life"? First of all, it's a classic. Second, it's Dirty Dancing personified in a song. It's not like you would remake that song from Casablanca. (sigh) Also, your version sucks.
Dear City of Idaho Falls, Please fix the potholes. I'm tired of having my tires aligned because they are unavoidable. Or, make a quality road in the first place so that you don't have to fix them every two weeks.
Dear McDonalds, Please stop having the 2 Big Macs for $3. I then feel obligated to eat two of them, partially because I love a bargain, I hate to waste and Big Macs are tasty.
Dear People who are crafty, stop it. You are making me feel bad about myself.
Dear Old Ladies that I work with, Please stop growling. It's weird. And kinda creepy. And annoying.
Dear Dr. Pepper, Please make your beverage less tasty. I need to stop drinking it.
Dear Redbox, Why do you not have Dirty Dancing (the real one) inside your deep abyss? Also, why do you have all kinds of crappy movies and no good movies?
Dear Mountain Dew, Could you just include some extra lime flavoring in your beverage so that I don't have to search all over town for a gas station with lime?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ode to JoAnn's.

There are few words that can send a girl like me into full blown panic. Two of them are "STORE CLOSING" at JoAnn's Fabric. I understand that they are just 'moving' but I also realize that they are moving to the other side of town. I don't go over there. It's scary. Also, JoAnn's has been a 5 minute drive from my house since I moved here.
It's a wonderland.
It's also where I go to relieve stress, find myself, celebrate, mourn and visit my therapist at the cutting table.
They recognize me as a 'valued customer'
(at least that's what the fliers and emails say...).
Consequently, now I will have to drive 15 minutes through traffic to enjoy the same benefit. WAAAAHHHHHHH!
So, in essence,
Dear JoAnn's Owners,
I think it's quite rude for you to leave me stranded in downtown with no fabric.
I need you. I love you, please don't go.
But if you must go, I understand.
I will still visit, I'm just afraid that we won't be as close as I once was.

But, I'm sure that once I walk through the doors in the 'new and improved' JoAnn's Fabric, that everything will feel the same.
Squishy, happy, warm, snuggly and generally happy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Age 3

I am feeling very picturesque
today...hence this post...

This is how I am feeling...better with age.

This is what I am listening to. New album...good stuff.

This is where I am going tomorrow...warm. sunshine. freakshow.

This is who I am currently angry with. You cheat. And you play dirty.
And you don't deserve a championship trophy.
Or a Heisman.

This is who I still love. Better to be the second place team with the most class.
I love my Ducks.

Also, I need a nap.
And a Dr. Pepper.
And some shoes.
And some Panda Express.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As most of you know, my birthday is coming. There WAS a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned thirty. Didn't happen. Surprise. So, being as I am turning 30 and have accomplished NOTHING...I thought I would start my list over except that it is now a things to do before I am 35.

So, here goes....
1. Go to Yosemite.
2. Get back to my pre-marriage weight.
3. Grow my hair out again.
4. Be successful at something.
5. Get out of debt. Completely.
6. Make a difference in the world.
7. Adopt a baby or six.
8. Change a life.
9. See the Yankees play baseball. Live.
10.Grow my own garden, complete with tomatoes.
11. Be organized.
12. Make my own skirt.
13. Make my own purse.
14. Go somewhere incredible.
15. Take a class.
16. Laugh until I cry.
17. Be a better wife, daughter and sister.
18. Go to a concert and see an artist that I admire...
19. Spend more time on the important things.
20. Spend less time worrying about stupid things.