Monday, January 26, 2009


1. Something I want to see: Italy, the Eiffel Tower, a Yankees game, a Broncos game, my husband as someone's daddy, my family to all be happy.
2. Something that inspires me: Priesthood, family, my husband's patience, my mother.
3. Something that makes me angry: people that are okay with abortion, ignorance, assumptions that don't make sense, complete stupidity.
4. Something that hurts a little: being ignored.
5. Something I've gotten used to: not being perfect all the time.
6. Something I collect: water globes, movies, memories,
7. Something I always carry with me: cell phone, purse, hair brush.
8. Something I want to be: Someone important. A good wife. Somebody's mother.
9. Something I dread: going to work.
10. Something that I have learned: to be patient, to be more understanding, to be okay with who I am.
11. Something I read: books. any.
12. Something I want to understand: everything. I question everything.
13. Someone I'm going to tag: Anyone caught reading this (Yes, that means YOU!) [Directions: copy and paste this into your text window, then erase my answers and add your own.]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I wish they all could be California Girls....NOT!

No offense to my Cali friends, but I am thankful to be a small town girl. I was away from home for 6 whole days! YUCK. For those of you who don't know, I was at the NAMM show in Anaheim CA. Now, seriously. The weather was beautiful, the food is great, the events were exciting, the show was great. However, I was so glad to get home, I cried the last ten minutes of my flight into IF. Seeing Tim at the airport was the highlight of my year. (so far...)I had forgotten how much I love him and need him on a daily basis just to talk with or hold hands with. Sounds silly, but I really mean it. I am not a fan of traffic or smoking or alcohol everywhere I look or people who don't like Mormons. I am not a fan of the neverending sea of trashy celebrity seekers who look like a) they haven't showered. b) they forgot half of their clothes at home and c) really should be wearing more clothes...for jiggling reasons. Also, I experienced some new things while there. I ate Kobe Beef-which is super tasty. I watched someone eat soup that had something's face in it. I ate Creme Brulee. Yum. I went on my first lesbian date, I think. Not so great. Weird, awkward, actually. Un-fun. Also, I was the only white person in a restaurant. I've never had that happen before. Really. The biggest thing again, was how much I realized that Tim is the center of my world. I missed my bed, family, tv, etc, but none of those compare to how much I missed my husband. I am so glad to be home and back in my little bitty town. Thank you IF for being just the right size!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I DID IT! I kept a secret from my beloved for a whole month! My sweet hubby turned the BIG 3-0 on New Years Day. Holy cow. That sounds really old when you write it down. Yikes. Well, anyhow, for the first time in my life, I successfully threw a SWEET surprise party. I successfully invited his family and cooked and decorated (with the help of his awesome sisters and mom...) without ever telling him! It was pretty fun, with the exception of some depressing news in the middle. It was good to see family and people that we haven't seen in a very long time...(little Larry). So, happy birthday to Tim was Rachel's birthday too! So, happy birthday to Rachel, also.