Monday, February 28, 2011

I grant to you this gift

To the sweet person who lit my dumpster on fire...I give you the gift of reading.  It's time to find a new hobby.
To the Mountain Dew people...I give you a hug on Monday mornings.
To Monday...I give you this advice.  No one likes you. 
To the lady who asked me if it hurts when people talk to me about being a mother...I give you the gift of a lemon.  Squeeze the juice and then pour it into a paper cut.  Then we'll talk.  There.  I said it.
To the person that I admire the most...I give you a weekend of not worrying.  I have it under control.

To my kitties...I give you..EVERYTHING.  Stop begging, we all know that I'll give it to you anyhow.
To that certain person who gets on my last nerve...I give you the gift of growing up.  You're an adult.  Act like one.
To the Girl Scouts...I give you the gift of Diabetes.  I blame it on the summer of the Samoas at Trefoil.
To Adele... I give you the gift of being my new best friend.
To the Academy...Thanks for finally giving Christian Bale what he deserves.  I give you the gift of me changing the channel when he's done.
To Christian Bale...I give you the gift of staying in our guest room and watching Batman with us whenever you would like.
To my blog readers...I obviously have given you the gift of extreme sarcasm and hopefully laughter.  Have a lovely day.
Love Katie

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I love love LOVE Saturdays.  It's the day for Bountiful Basketing, primary lessoning, kitty snuggling, truck riding, college basketball watching fun.
I spent this morning sleeping in and snuggling my kitties.  Then I woke up and went and froze my buns off (wouldn't that be nice if could actually happen?) and ran my BB site.  We got coconut and mangos today.  How great is that?  Now, I'm sitting ony my squishy couch with my hunny watching BYU basketball.  JIMMER! Later, I will finish making an umbrella and raindrops out of cardstock form my sweet, wonderful Sunbeams. How does life get any better? 
Oh yes...Mountain Dew...with lime. :) 
Happy Happy Weekend to you.  And to me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinner Tonight

I want you to look at this website.  I love it.  I use it.  In fact, my dinner of pineapple salsa chicken is currently in the crock pot waiting for me to come home and scarf it down.  Dinner is exciting again!
And here is my dinner....
Except...I will be adding grilled orange bell peppers and sweet onions and a sweet tomato rice to serve it fajita style.  I'm so excited!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Must Watches....

I occassionally become obsessed with things.  This seems to be YouTube.  Shocker.
So here are a few of my favorites to make you laugh, cry, think, question and observe.

A sweet, heartfelt video by my favorite band.
The emotion is real and raw and inspiring.

Oh. My. Funny.
Enough said.

This makes my cat look sooooo normal.

Still, my favorite band.  Take a listen.  I promise you'll like it.

I apologize if this is offensive to anyone.
I find it highly entertaining.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Important to Me...

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all...
I stumbled across this today and thought it was worth sharing.  It's a trip back to the core values that I embrace. And, it's important to me.   This one's for you, Tim.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In the spirit of Valentine's day coming up, I have decided to blog about things that I love-which, might I add, is so not typical of me lately.
Mary Poppins.
Julie Andrews.
The smell of a Library.
Dr. Pepper.
Jack and Lily.
Good Parents.
Fresh produce.
Country Music
The smell of Preferred Stock.
The color red.
Yellow shirts.
Comfy Jeans.
People who understand.
Cheese Dogs.
Red shoes.
Nephews and Nieces.
BBQ potato chips.
Singing in the shower or car or wherever I may be.
Thrift Stores.
Bon Jovi.
Juke Kartel.
My Job.
My House.
Smushy Beds.
Dirty Dancing.
Cell phones.
Primary songs.
Lip Balm.
Good Customers.
Bath and Body Works buy 3 get 2 free sales.
August Rush.
Dodge Rams.
My cute Trailblazer named Clyde.
Riding in the mountains in a Dodge Ram with Tim
eating cheese dogs & BBQ chips while drinking Dr. Pepper
wearing comfy jeans, a yellow shirt, red shoes and a yellow bandana
while listening to country music on the radio and taking pictures.
and last but not least, Tim.