Monday, April 26, 2010


Here is my list of today-Women that I think are amazing.
Mom-you're my mom. that's why.
Mom Jennings- you gave me tim. thanks.
Terri ( in CA)-you always make me feel better!
Lauri-fish-what can i say? you're my lauri-fish.
Jess-just love you.
Rachel Ann- and you too.
Jamie Lee- the sister i never had.
Krista Lynn-ditto
Becky Ann-ditto
Heidi- ditto
Julia- ditto.
Mary - supermom, super RS president, practically perfect in every way.
Colleen Ricks-for still being vivacious, amazing and beautiful through all your trials.
Natausha-best VT partner ever.
Kendra-just love you to pieces.

There you go. If I forgot you, give me a day or so to add more. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, the hard part of this for me is keeping this silly thing updated. I obviously stink at it. So, here goes-a massive update. :)
* Weight Loss for Team Jennings-doing it. I am going to the gym three times a week and just spent a crud load of cash on the Wii Fit. Must. Be. Skinny. 15 pounds down-60 more to go.
* Jack the Cat- Love him. A lot. So much in fact that we are buying Jack a sister so he won't be lonely. Name suggestions for a little girl cat will be appreciated.
* Girls Camp-AARRRRGGGHHHHH! Old ladies gossip too much. Girls Camp WILL be successful, despite the doubts of certain people about me and my abilities.
* Family- busy. In Utah this weekend for Birthday Partays, in Boise in four weeks for *sniff* my little brother's wedding. *sniff* again.
*Work- :/ Enough said.
* Life- AMAZING! Just realized that it was 8 years ago that Tim proposed to me. How lucky am I? And how smart am I for saying yes?!?! I love him too too much.
There you go. See you in a couple months.