Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, the hard part of this for me is keeping this silly thing updated. I obviously stink at it. So, here goes-a massive update. :)
* Weight Loss for Team Jennings-doing it. I am going to the gym three times a week and just spent a crud load of cash on the Wii Fit. Must. Be. Skinny. 15 pounds down-60 more to go.
* Jack the Cat- Love him. A lot. So much in fact that we are buying Jack a sister so he won't be lonely. Name suggestions for a little girl cat will be appreciated.
* Girls Camp-AARRRRGGGHHHHH! Old ladies gossip too much. Girls Camp WILL be successful, despite the doubts of certain people about me and my abilities.
* Family- busy. In Utah this weekend for Birthday Partays, in Boise in four weeks for *sniff* my little brother's wedding. *sniff* again.
*Work- :/ Enough said.
* Life- AMAZING! Just realized that it was 8 years ago that Tim proposed to me. How lucky am I? And how smart am I for saying yes?!?! I love him too too much.
There you go. See you in a couple months.

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Terri OConnor said...

If the girls feel the LOVE thats all that matters. don't worry about other people. you were asked to this job because it is the right time for YOU to do it.

I vote for Jill--hopefully not the pill

have fun with the fam