Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankful for...

I am thankful. Period. That's it. I found myself grumping around yesterday about my roots showing and about my job stinking and about the trashy, slow people at WalMart that extended my shopping time because they are slow. Then I thought to myself- Katie Jean (that's what I call myself ...) SHUT UP! You should be thankful that a.) you have hair to complain about. b.) you have a job and c.) you have a WalMart. So, I am thankful. This year, I have so MUCH to be grateful for. So here attention, you might be in here. I AM THANKFUL FOR... 1. the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. An amazing husband. 3. Awesome parents who get more dear to my heart everyday. 4. Super duper in-laws. 5. Brothers who are also some of my best friends. 6. Mrs. Buffy. 7. Nieces and nephews. 8. Forever Families. 9. Sistas from other mistas- Rachel Ann, my Jessicas, Jenn and the rest of you. 10. A cute little house. 11. My Job. Most days. 12. Fun customers that are also friends. 13. Cough syrup. 14. Good hair. 15. Grandmas. 16. Fuzzies 17. Potatoes. Shhh. 18. the time I spent with Palin. 19. Temples. 20. Sunbeams. 21. Ipods. 22. Pianos. 23. Thrift Stores. 24. Cell phones. 25. sunglasses. 26. snowflakes. 27. fabric stores. 28. the color red. 29. squirrelys. 30. Tim. Oh wait, I already mentioned him? Well, then I am SUPER thankful for him.
I could keep going...but my time at the library is running out. :) oh yeah. 31. Libraries.
So, this thankful. not for anything specific, but just thankful. My Heavenly Father gives me trials on a daily basis that I pay attention to, but He also blesses me EVERY DAY! So, here I am....thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.