Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Benefits of Being a Kitty Owner

First and foremost, I love my cats. Anyone who doesn't know that doesn't really know me at all.
I believe there are many benefits of owning a kitten or two. Of course, I am slightly biased, so I researched it. And then I added some of my own. Enjoy.

* Emotional Support-kitties are always snuggly when you need them to be.
* Significant reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure.
* Attention provided to you by a cat provides a significant reduction in feelings of stress and loneliness that lead to depression.

* Weight loss- my kittens often want to share my lunch. This results in me eating less. :)
* Humor- my cats do the funniest things. See picture below.

* Entertainment- cats provide hours of entertainment. I could watch my cats do silly things all day long.
* As an added benefit, when you have no children, you have no one to dress up. They may fight you, but dressing up cats is also fun.
* One more thing, I just love them. They are the best kittens in the world and keep me entertained, happy and healthy. They are such good companions and listeners and friends.
(actually, this was just an excuse to post pictures of my kittens...)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here is a variety of links that make me laugh about Christmas, which is a great accomplishment, because I am currently a giant scrooge.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010 from Scrooge.

It's that time of year again. The time of year when my mailbox is FULL of letters about you, your children, their activities, etc. I don't have children. So, I figured that very few people actually care what Tim and I are doing. Everyday. Because it doesn't change. So, here is my Christmas letter. If you read it, great, if not...then you are obviously not seeing this. I thought about making things up to sound amazing and wonderful, but that's just not who I am, so here you go.
Dearest Family and Friend(s)-
This year has been rather eventful, if you consider having burst sewer pipes, stitches, dead trucks and vet visits eventful.
We added two furry children to our family: Jack the Cat in December, and Lily Belle as an Un-Mother's Day present in May. They don't play soccer, go to school, or have ballet. They sleep, eat, purr, scratch my couch and eat my lunch when I am not looking. And I love them.
Tim and I have been busy. We work. Sundays we go to church. Then we come home. That's all. We are grateful for our jobs, our home, our cars and each other. We love our family and our kittens. We love each other. Nothing else matters.
I went to Girls Camp as the Head Chicken in Charge in July. Tim came too. The cats stayed home. We went to Yellowstone for Mothers Day weekend. It was awesome. The cats stayed home. We visited my Granny Hippo in Rexburg once or twice a week until we moved her to IF to be closer. The cats came along. My brother got married to a girl that's a great cook. I like her. We went to Boise for that....and you guessed it-the cats stayed home. I started teaching piano lessons. It's pretty fun. The cats watch and Tim listens from the other room.
Welp, that's all there is. Sorry it's not more exciting. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Best Solstice wishes and whatever else I'm missing. Hopefully next year will be much more entertaining and I'll send a real letter. :)