Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Benefits of Being a Kitty Owner

First and foremost, I love my cats. Anyone who doesn't know that doesn't really know me at all.
I believe there are many benefits of owning a kitten or two. Of course, I am slightly biased, so I researched it. And then I added some of my own. Enjoy.

* Emotional Support-kitties are always snuggly when you need them to be.
* Significant reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure.
* Attention provided to you by a cat provides a significant reduction in feelings of stress and loneliness that lead to depression.

* Weight loss- my kittens often want to share my lunch. This results in me eating less. :)
* Humor- my cats do the funniest things. See picture below.

* Entertainment- cats provide hours of entertainment. I could watch my cats do silly things all day long.
* As an added benefit, when you have no children, you have no one to dress up. They may fight you, but dressing up cats is also fun.
* One more thing, I just love them. They are the best kittens in the world and keep me entertained, happy and healthy. They are such good companions and listeners and friends.
(actually, this was just an excuse to post pictures of my kittens...)


Rachel said...

You shouldn't need an excuse. You can post pictures of your cute kitties anytime. :)

Terri OConnor said...

Tara received a hamster from her sweet brother in Law Phil for Christmas. It was one of her unfulfilled childhood wishes. Very cute, brown and white with little black pea eyes. The cage is amazing with wheel and tunnel. Benefits of having hamster. You get to clean poop. They poop where they sleep, where they eat, and where they play. Take that and like it little kitties....oh yeah they probably would.

PS the girl from our ward married christopher dustin from victor idaho????? know him or fam?????