Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As most of you know, my birthday is coming. There WAS a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned thirty. Didn't happen. Surprise. So, being as I am turning 30 and have accomplished NOTHING...I thought I would start my list over except that it is now a things to do before I am 35.

So, here goes....
1. Go to Yosemite.
2. Get back to my pre-marriage weight.
3. Grow my hair out again.
4. Be successful at something.
5. Get out of debt. Completely.
6. Make a difference in the world.
7. Adopt a baby or six.
8. Change a life.
9. See the Yankees play baseball. Live.
10.Grow my own garden, complete with tomatoes.
11. Be organized.
12. Make my own skirt.
13. Make my own purse.
14. Go somewhere incredible.
15. Take a class.
16. Laugh until I cry.
17. Be a better wife, daughter and sister.
18. Go to a concert and see an artist that I admire...
19. Spend more time on the important things.
20. Spend less time worrying about stupid things.


Linds said...

I'm turning 29 next month, sista. I think we're doing pretty well. And you're basically awesome and already doing lots of things on your list. Especially your hair; it grows every day.

Love you.

Terri OConnor said...

Miss Katie,
Ill tell you what I tell my own kids. Be a good person, marry a good person, raise a good family, (you will I KNOW THIS), be a force for good in this world. Short list, harder to do than it seems, a list you were born to fulfill.
love love

Tim and Katie Jean said...

thank you my friends! i love you both to pieces.

Rachel said...

I love your list, and I'm sure there are already multiple things accomplished. No doubt you have already made a difference (to many) in this world and already changed a life. You are amazing!! Wish I could be there to celebrate 30 with you! Love your guts!!!!