Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I did it.  I spent the weekend with my family.  I relaxed.  I had fun.  I laughed.  I watched a BYU basketball game with my husband, daddy and brothers.  I felt like myself again.  I remembered how it felt to be myself again. I remembered how it felt to be happy again and to be valued.  I spent time with my sweet baby Palin, playing playdoh and monster and being her personal horsey.  I ate scones in the middle of the night at a disgusting little diner and listened to Van Morrison from a jukebox.  I remembered why I love my job again.  I remembered what it feels like to be completely inspired by a song, a place or an event.  I went to the temple and remembered who I was again.  I am a daughter of God, and He does love me.  He does have a master plan for me.  I spent time with my mom and my sisters in law and remembered how lucky I am to have a family that loves me.  I spent a lot of time with my husband.  I remembered (like I try to every day) how much I love him, what a good man he is and how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me and takes care of me.  I love remembering.  It was the best thing I could have done.  I needed it more than I knew.  I needed to feel like myself and like I am valued and appreciated and not all the things that I have been told that I am recently. So, again, "faith in God is having faith in His timing."  I just have to REMEMBER that.    

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Love My Brothers...

Who has the most awesome brothers in the world?  Yep, me.
Example A:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tough as Nails...

I love self discovery.  Today, I have discovered something about my little self.  Through a highly unpleasant experience with a person who I wouldn't have though could be so hurtful, I discovered that I am stronger than I thought I was.  I am a thirty year old woman and I am tough.  As nails.  I don't need to be pushed around, talked down to or bullied. I simply do not have time or patience for it.   And today...I proved it.  So, to the mean people of the world, I will NOT let you push me around any more.  I'm simply not going to accept it.  So, put that in your juice box and suck it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Needed...

I have been inspired by my dear friend and fellow blogger Stacy Chandler... so I thought I would follow in her footsteps and post my favorite picture and quote as of late.  I often forget how MUCH my Heavenly Father and His Son love me and know me better than I know myself.  I often get too involved in my silly little trials and forget the real purpose of my life on this earth.  I forget that there is a master plan that I don't understand right this, here is your inspiration for the day.  I am also including my favorite portrayal of the Savior.  I love the feelings that it evokes.  He loves me.  And you. And believe it or not, He does have a plan for us, whether it's the one we had worked out for ourselves or not.  So, be inspired.  Pass it on...And Stacy, thank you.

"Faith in the Lord includes faith in His 
timing." -Neil A Maxwell

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Be Honest...

Here's the truth.  I need some spring.  Now.  Immediately.  I need baseball and green lawns and new flowers and sunshine and the hope of something better.
I am usually a lover of winter.  At this point, however, there is nothing more I would enjoy than a good tropical vacay.  Also, I work in a music store.  THIS prevents me from taking said vacay. 
I am finding myself being somewhat cranky...I was tempted to run over a pedestrian last week.  I have also had the desire to poke someone in the eye.  With a stick.  I sometimes curse at people that are driving slow, crossing in the middle of the road, scanning coupons at a self checkout, getting between me and mountain dew, or insulting my college basketball team. 
I am hoping that Mr. Sun will come out soon, otherwise, I may be liable to end up in jail for murder or something stupid.  So...come visit.  Bake a file into a cake and pray for sun.