Saturday, February 26, 2011


I love love LOVE Saturdays.  It's the day for Bountiful Basketing, primary lessoning, kitty snuggling, truck riding, college basketball watching fun.
I spent this morning sleeping in and snuggling my kitties.  Then I woke up and went and froze my buns off (wouldn't that be nice if could actually happen?) and ran my BB site.  We got coconut and mangos today.  How great is that?  Now, I'm sitting ony my squishy couch with my hunny watching BYU basketball.  JIMMER! Later, I will finish making an umbrella and raindrops out of cardstock form my sweet, wonderful Sunbeams. How does life get any better? 
Oh yes...Mountain Dew...with lime. :) 
Happy Happy Weekend to you.  And to me!

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