Friday, March 27, 2009

March Highlights

Okay, so I am very aware that I am slacking this month in the world of blog. So, here are the highlights....
March 2nd- Jamie and Danno's 7th Anniversary
March 13th- Trip to Nephi for Derek Timothy's birthday. We bought him a horse that makes noise. Yay for Uncle Tim and Uncle Katie. No, I did not make a mistake. I walked into the room and this is what came out of his sweet little mouth..."UNCLE KATIE! There her is!!" Then, his parents convinced the little scamp to name his new horse, what else, Uncle Katie.
March 18th- Ice cream day with Rachel. I have not laughed so hard for a very long time. I hate that you are leaving, my Rachel Ann. I will miss you bunches.
March 20th- Anitques and lunch with Jenn face. Wow, I love other people's junk. Tim took me to Bubba's Barbecue for dinner. Oh my yummy.
March 21st- Shopping Saturday with Jess. I found the cutest bunny lamp and had to have it for my Easter decorations. I got to go to all the fun places that I never get to go to with my husband. Thank you Jess.
March 22nd- Taught sharing time. Wow, lots of kids. Listened to little primary singers. Made life worthwhile. Had the Noah's Ark lesson....I made an ark out of posterboard! Yay!
March 24th- The beginning of my "I am going to make dinner" project. So far, successful.
March 27th- (that's today) My mom is coming to visit! I am so flipping excited!
So, there it is....the highlights of March. Let's hope that April proves to be a touch warmer and Spring shows itself. Love you all!

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Rachel said...

"Ice Cream Day" was fabulous. I have also not laughed that hard in a very long time. And I have missed your sense of humor sooooo much (and all of the imitations you can do of funny people--I shall not name names). :) I'm gonna miss you tons & tons. :(