Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October~where did you go?

Okay, hullo. Been a while, right?
First and foremost, we celebrated our 9th (yes, 9 years) anniversary.

Reasons that this is great:
I love my husband.
I love that he is nice to my cats.
I love that he supports me and my family.
I love what a good uncle, husband, friend, brother, person, hero blah blah blah that he is.
I love that he makes me laugh everyday, even when I'm miserable.
I love that he is my knight in shining armor.
I love that he lets me drive his big, awesome, new to us pickup truck.
I love every minute of our life together, even when I say I don't.
I love him.
So there.

Second-we went to Boise to hang with my fabulous fam. It was Palin's birthday. And everyone was there. I made her a tutu, gave her a magic wand, some jewelry to match and have thus, created a monster. :) She put it on and ran around the living room full of people who now think I am nuts hitting them with her wand and screaming "TaDaa" at the top of her lungs. It's her party and she'll "tadaa" if she wants to.

All in all, been a fabulous month. Bring on the next one.


Terri OConnor said...

Great Aunt
Great present

Rachel said...

Um....you are such an awesome aunt...cute tutu! What a great gift. And I can't believe you've been married for so long! Time sure flies. I MISS YOU!!!