Friday, April 1, 2011

For My Sake...

I am pathetic.  For the most part, I have spent my winter in a depressed 'funk', if you will.  I have spent months moping around and feeling like I am just not good enough.  So, today...there was a very cleverly placed on my side of the bed Ensign article.  For those of you that are not a member of my faith, the Ensign is a monthly publication-magazine- with tidbits of information, instruction, information and advice.  It has stories and anecdotes and direct teachings from our living prophets.  You may want to check it out at  I have avoided the Ensign lately, because I just feel like I'm not good enough even though deep down inside I know that's not true. This article got me back on track.  So, Ensign editiors....Thank you.  I cannot thank you enough.  Here's the link-you should read it.

Also, kind of on the same topic, is Thursday. Thursday = Grey's Anatomy.  This time...with music.  It was beautiful and haunting and strangely Glee-like.  There are just some things that cannot be expressed any other way.  Anyhow, my favorite character, the one I most relate to, Meredith, is in an elevator with her gorgeous genius brain surgeon husband as one of their friends and coworkers lays upstairs in ICU fighting for her life-and her unborn child's.  Meredith expresses that at the baby shower the day before, she was jealous.  And now she feels terrible.  She asks her husband why the universe would give Callie a baby and not her and then put Callie through a windshield.  "Why is the universe so unfair and so screwed up and so mean?"
I AGREE.  I once heard that when you have a trial that tests you once, it's helping you increase your faith.  When you have a trial that is a recurring thing, it's perfecting your faith.  Alright then.  I will have perfected faith, darn it.  So here we go.  It's on.

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Stacy said...

I Love this post and You, and Greys' and Ensign's. Funny How Heavenly Father knows what we need to hear and when. I just wish Patience was an easier lesson to learn. but like you said " just being prefected" Fun Times :)