Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Singin with Grandpa...

So, I figured that since I posted about singing with my Grammy, I should do this too.  I absolutely credit my Grandpa for my vast musical knowledge and for the songs that I love and adore.  I learned most of them riding in the pickup or watching Lawrence Welk with him on Saturdays.  It has been a bittersweet experience to come up with this list, because I still miss him everyday of my life.  And occasionally, I'll hear a song, or smell fresh cut grass or burning ditchbanks and think of him.  I like to think it's his little way of reminding me that he's still watching over his family.  I love ya Gramps.

Okay...so first, the song he always sang.  His words were different, but the feeling is still the same.
Secondly, the song I memorized on the piano for him and my grammy.  Don't know why, but they wanted me to play it everytime we were together.

Next, the only song that gives me regrets.  He would ask me to play it all the time and I never took the time to learn it well.  Now I have it memorized.  Granted, it wasn't this version, but this is my favorite one.

Also, the song that he told me was his favorite.  And now is one of mine...
And finally, a song that makes me think about him...
I miss you Gramps.

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