Monday, April 23, 2012

Bigotry is soooo last century...

Dear normal followers, I apologize for this not light hearted fun post.  I have to get this off of my chest because it's bugging the crud out of me.  So, forgive me for this one little political moment.

In America, we pride ourselves on being "the land of the free".  We pride ourselves on not discriminating against anyone.  When I say anyone, I mean anyone.  We don't care if you're white, black, purple, red, pink, green, brown, yellow or a bright tattooed rainbow of colors.  Good for you.  Come on in.  If you are Donald Trump rich, or homeless kid poor, come on over.  We accept you if you are from any country in the world.  We accept you so much that we don't even make you have a green card to come in, unless you live in Arizona.  In fact, we'll pay your bills!

Americans don't discriminate because it's not fair.  We even have it in our country's constitution.  We believe that "All men are created equal".  All men. And even women.

Unless, of course, you're a Mormon.  Or a Mormon woman.
Why do we claim that bigotry is a thing of the past?  It's not.  This whole presidential race has brought to light what bigots we actually are.

We can't possibly elect a Mormon to be the President of the good ole' US of A.  That would be a tragedy! dare his wife say that she understands the economy?  She's a stay at home mom for pete's sake!  She has no clue.

I take pride in being a Mormon woman.  I wish I was a stay at home mom.  I take pride in being gentle, good and kind.  I take pride in being a good, God Fearing, Christian woman.

Do you?

Just wondering...

Also, who will you vote for this November?
This man who believes in families, military and being a good person?

Or, this man who has seemed to destroy this country in one brush of his "yes, we can" hand?

I'll tell you right now.  I'm not voting for Mitt because he's a Mormon.  I'm voting for Mitt because he's a good man.  I'm voting for Mitt because I lived in Utah during the Olympics and I've seen what he can do.  I'm voting for Mitt because this country needs a champion, not some man who goes to Disneyworld for press conferences.  I'm voting for Mitt because his beliefs are the closest to my own.  I'm voting for Mitt because I'm an American and I have that privelege.
Make your own choice, but don't do it based on religion.  That doesn't make you informed, it makes you a bigot.
Chew on that for a while....


Mandy said...

Preach!! Thanks for posting this- so much of what I have been thinking/feeling as this race has unfolded is put so eloquently here.

Tim and Katie Jean said...

I dunno about eloquently...but...I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people being prejudiced. Our country was founded on relgious freedom. Right? There is no clause that says ..."unless you're a Mormon".