Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Highlights

Oh my gosh! It's already May! April totally flew by for me and I didn't even do anything horribly exciting!
Easter came and went without much celebration-because, really? Who wants to see two adults outside looking for eggs in their jammies? We did dye eggs with our favorite cohorts-Nate and Jess. It was interesting. Tim and Nathan are always good for laughs and dirty jokes when we decorate ANYTHING-be it cookies, eggs, cakes, gingerbread houses-together. They're just a couple of knot heads if you ask me.
My mom came down for a while and we did the whole nursing home thing. We played piano and made Grandma proud. It's still tough for me to do that-I used to play for my Grandpa and still think of him often whenever I play. We also got to see my sister in law Crystal (love her!) and my sweet, gorgeous, perfect niece Palin. I just love to hold her and play with her and talk to her and everything! She is so precious and I adore her.
My little (but bigger than me) brother turned 23 on the 30th. I can still remember when he was just a little munchkin. I remember the day my mom and dad brought him home. From the minute I met him, he was MY baby. He is still one of my very best friends and I don't know what I would ever do without him.
The very last day or two of April , Tim's parents came down. We went to Yellowstone and I met some buffalo face to face. Yikes! Thanks Tim for rolling the window down. It was a beautiful day and we had SOOOO much fun. It was fun to see Tim's mom in a different environment and capacity. I always knew that she was fun, I just didn't ever realize how much fun! And it was good to see Tim so happy!
Welp, can't think of much else-so there you go!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun enough April for me! Um, have I mentioned that I miss you? 'Cause I do. :(