Friday, May 8, 2009

Tribute to my Mommy.

M is for Momface, Mama and Marie.

O is for OhBoy, OhNo, Oh Brother and Otha Motha.

T is for Turkey, Treats, Trouble maker, and thank you so much.

H is for Hairbrush-you know, the one you beat me with. :-)

E is for Eggplant Suit and everything-which is what you are to me.

R is for Rowdy, Rambunctious, Respected, Revered, and Retarded (which is what your kids are.)
Mom-I could have written something tender and touching and completely unlike me, but who are we kidding? I am no good at that. Thank you for being the best mom anyone could ever have. I love you more than I can say. (even though you did beat me with a hairbrush...)
To all the rest of the moms: (including mine...) Thank you for your timeless devotion and selfless actions.

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jess said...

and to you miss.katie thank you for being the bestest auntie in the world to one little girlie (miss. banana cakes)who loves you. and for being the bestest friend, and greatest teacher:I mean who else spends their saturday morning making arks out of construction paper??? just you because.....
you are amazing. love you oodles and noodles.