Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy UN-Mother's Day to me...

Happy Un-Mother's Day to me. Yes, I said it.
Normally, I would not advocate skipping church, however, I don't do church on Mother's Day. Regardless of what others say, or the reasoning they give me over and over, it's not the easiest day of my life. Partially because I miss my mom and partially because, well, let's face it...being a mother to a CAT is not something extraordinary.
So, my AMAZING husband (who I adore) made reservations at a GORGEOUS hotel in West Yellowstone, Montana and we have been blissfully exploring the park today and will continue to do so tomorrow. It has been a beautiful, unstressful and guilt-free day. We have acutally discussed making this a tradition. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yellowstone Park. There are so many things that I can see and learn and do every day here and NEVER get bored. Like today,for instance, I learned that a petrified tree is not actually a tree that got very, very frightened. It was actually covered in water, mud and volcanic ash and is now basically a rock. Also, I read in Yellowstone Today that personal pepper spray will NOT work on a bear. I am super visual, so I am picturing a small Asian woman spraying a bear with the pepper spray that you find in the check out aisle at WalMart and the bear laughing (mwa ha ha ha) and eating her anyways. Terrible? Yes. Funnny? Pretty much.
Also, today, I have become re-acquainted with Tim. He is funny and gentle and goofy and has better eyesight than anyone I have ever met. He is also very friendly and helpful and not at all afraid to share the fact that he just found a huge Grizzly Bear on the second ridge 8 gazillion miles away with strangers. I am reminded of how much I love him and how much fun we can have together. This was just what I needed this weekend. To remember that my life is NOT empty and meaningless. I am important to someone and he needs me and he will always love matter what. So, happy Mother's Day to all!


Terri OConnor said...

Best Mothers Day post of all time. Remember Katie, You are a mother to many who will remember you as being a loving kind example.
PS huge admiration crush on your sweet husband

Shelly said...

Well, since you had a wonderful time with Tim, and had a good reason for leaving for the weekend, I'll forgive you for missing the BBQ (and birthday parties) with Brenda, me and our families. Not that I was ever mad... But we'll have to plan another party after I move up there (three weeks). Blackfoot isn't too far away, and I CAN'T WAIT to be close to family again!