Friday, May 6, 2011

My Momma

First of all, Mom, don't be mad.  This is one of my favorite pictures EVER of you.  It makes it so other people can see what a fun momma we have.  

Second, I love you to pieces.  A bushel and peck and all that jazz. 

Third, I would like to say thank you for the following things...

* For always believing in me and my brothers.
* For teaching us the right way to live, even though we don't always do it.
* For being supportive of our weird habits and interests and hobbies.
* For standing up for us.
* For letting us be ourselves, no matter how weird we were.
* For not being afraid to get dirty.
* For letting us play golf with frozen mice off of the deck.
* For being the kind of mom that all of our friends wanted to have.
* For loving us, unconditionally, to the point that it sometimes hurt you.
* For understanding why we needed to dig a large hole in the garden and fill it with water.
* For trying to shield us from the world, but letting us learn on our own.
* For not killing us.
* For being a best friend and at the same time, remembering that you were still a parent.
* For making dang good food.  Obviously.
* For learning to adjust.  Quickly.  And often.
* For not only teaching about the good in the world, but more times than not, showing us how to do it.
* For many more things that I can't currently think of because chances are, they are mushy.

And fourth, I love you. A lot.
Happy Mother's Day!

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