Friday, December 28, 2012

For real?

Dear World,
At the risk of sounding like a cranky, old lady, (which I am) I have something to say.
Recently, it seems as if there have been an increased number of tragedies, unjustices, etc.
I am sick and tired of everyone trying to pin the blame for whatever incident on someone or something other than the criminal.
It is not the fault of anyone but the shooter that 27 people are dead in Connecticut.  It is not the fault of the gun, of the school, of the government, etc.  HE made the choice to open fire in a school.  No one else made that choice for him.
It is not the fault of any company, big or small, that they were broken into, even if they do lack a high tech alarm system.
And so on, and so forth.
Yes, these things do help.  Alarm systems, higher security measures, etc. do make a difference.
They are not to blame for the decaying moral compass of our nation.
We can't pray in schools.
We can't talk about God or religion in the workplace.
We're so darn worried about offending someone that we all just keep our mouths shut and refuse to change this world for the better.
And then we wonder....why are these things happening?
Why are people shooting each other?
Why are people stealing and lying and cheating?
Why are kids silent, spiteful and hateful?
Well, shucks, America.
It's because you're getting exactly what you asked for.
We have become a nation of instant gratification and laziness.  You want something?  Buy it now, pay later.  You think this baby will inconvenience you and your lifestyle?  Get an abortion.  You're mad at someone?  Shoot them, blast them on the internet or destroy their reputation.
We have become afraid to work, pray, and change.
God hasn't changed.  He's still there.  He's trying to get us back to where we need to be as a people.  Do we really need something more drastic to happen to get us to wake up and return to Him?
I don't.
I've seen what happens when a person strays from religion.  I'm not saying that you have to be a Mormon.  I'm saying commit yourself to God in one way or another.  Make your world better by being more gentle, more kind, more Christlike.  Speak kind words, exercise empathy, offer Christlike love instead of hatred, violence and gossip. And remember.  We're all children of God.  He loves us and we, in return, as brothers and sisters, should love one another.  2013 could be an amazing year if we can just try to make it that way.