Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Little House

This is probably the most exciting year of my life. We just bought our first house in June and I LOVE IT! Tim and I love the neighborhood and the yard and the house....and really, everything about it. It has been so much fun to be able to do anything I want there. I can put holes in the wall, tear out bushes, and pretty much anything else without even asking anyone! I LOVE IT! Our ward is great too. They have been so nice and kind and friendly. We feel so welcomed there. It has been great to live in downtown I.F. We love the downtown area, and since we both work there, it seemed like a good idea with gas prices and everything to buy a house. We are within walking distance of the temple, the river and the ballpark. Summer was so fun! We went to the baseball games and walked to the river a lot. We had family come through a couple of times. We are so looking forward to winter being over and re-doing our backyard(which is huge and awesome!). And really, anyone who wants to visit is totally welcome. Just warn us first so we can make some room!

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