Monday, November 17, 2008

What a RIDE!

We just got back from Utah and the big day. For those of you who don't know...Tim's sister, Becky, got married last weekend. It was quite the visit this time. I felt like I was busy all the time as the self appointed "super-aunt". I don't think that I was much help, but I tried to keep all the kiddos wrangled. It was interesting to watch the wedding prep. It made me realize how SUPER TALENTED my sister in law Jamie is. She can do dang near ANYTHING! She is a fabulous cake decorator, awesome cook, super organizer and wedding decorator and a freaking awesome mom. We had SO MUCH fun. It is always good to see the fam, but even better to see their kids. The nieces and nephews are pretty much the loves of our lives, (that sounds like a soap opera...) and we love to spend time with them. I watched Tim at the reception and the wedding and realized what an amazing dad he will be someday. (hopefully soon...) The kids just adore him and he is so patient and kind to them. Being the favorite aunt and uncle is pretty much awesome!


Rachel said...

It's no surprise that you are the favorite Aunt. The kids all probably had so much fun, & I'm positive that you were a ton of help to the parents who were busy with wedding stuff.

I can't wait to see you!!! Hooray for finding long lost friends!

**ASH ~N~ JAKE** said...

Cute blog chica!!