Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Blank, Please Blank....Part Deux.

I am feeling this urge again. You know, the urge to tell people what I REALLY think...without actually telling them.  So, here goes...

Dear Weight Watchers, Dare I say that I love you?
Dear Mother Nature, C'mon, can it be summer already?
Dear Allergies, Enough already.
Dear Slimy Coworker, I dislike your actions and it's starting to make me dislike you.

Dear NBC, Thank you for The Voice and Dia Frampton.
Dear Color Yellow, Why must you fight me so?  Just be the right shade for my skin! (and I love you..)
Dear Skinnier Jeans, Stop mocking me.
Dear Diet Coke, Thank you for adding lime.
Dear Soda companies in general, Why must soda be soooooo expensive?  It's not like it's made out of silver or anything.  Give it up.
Dear Lady who is sitting in front of the library with a petition for me to sign, as much as I respect your right to free're blocking my entrance to the library.
Dear Stomach, You're really not hungry so please stop growling.
Dear Kittens, my pillow is not your bed.  Especially when my head is on it.  And you have plenty of food.  You're fine.
Dear 4th Ward, Who has the fastest pinewood derby car?  That's right, my husband.
Dear Summer, WHERE ARE YOU?
Dear Sleazy Coworker, How much did it just cost for YOU to complain?  Figure it out.
Dear Dia Frampton, Thank you for existing.  You're right up there with Adele in being my new best friend.
Dear Jessica, Thank you for eating cupcakes with me.
Dear Lindy, Thank you for being dependable.
Dear Husband, Thank you.  For everything.
Dear Little Girls, Fairy tales are just that.  Fairy tales.  Sometimes, they come true.  Sometimes, they don't.  And it's better.

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Suzy H said...

Love it! More please.