Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspiration in Strange Places...

Let me start with this.  I am not like everyone else.  I know this. I don't have fancy cars, or a fancy home.  I don't have a unique and quirky sense of style.  I'm not incredible beautiful or smart.  I don't have kids or a college degree.  I don't have one thing that I am super duper good at doing.  I think I am one person that is completely and hopelessly BORING. 
I came home for lunch today, feeling hopelessly BORING.  Boring hair, boring clothes, boring life.
While attempting to smooth my flyaways on my hair, I looked in the mirror and thought "Girl, you need to step it up and stop being so pathetic."  Then, like a hand to the forehead, I was struck by a scripture.  (Let's be honest, this doesn't normally happen...)
 Doctrine and Covenants Section 18 verse 10:
"Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."
My Heavenly Father doesn't care how pretty I am on the outside. 
He doesn't care what I drive or where I live. 
He doesn't care if I'm talented or smart or rich or skinny or dazzlingly beautiful.
He loves me.
That's all.
He loves me for me.
He loves the me that I am and the me that I will be someday.
He knows every one of my flaws...and He loves me anyway.
He loves me.
And that's really all that matters.


miss aubrey said...

YOU are incredible! I love this post so much.

Terri OConnor said...

YOU are special...everyone is special...the scriptures and Mr. Rogers tell us sooo

Rachel said...

You are beautiful, smart, talented, and hilarious!! How do you not know this about yourself? That's okay...I can remind you. And you are definitely not boring! You are so quick witted. You make me laugh all the time (like everything you ever think or write makes me laugh), and everything you say is infused with Katie Wit & Humor. You are special, and not in a "everyone's special" kind of way...you are definitely one of a kind. :)