Saturday, March 3, 2012

Over You...

This video may sound like it's about lost love...I suppose it could be, but that's not why it was written.  According to the website, "The song was inspired by the death of Blake Shelton‘s brother Richie, but that story is only overtly told near the end."
I echo the sentiment.
"You went away, how dare you, I miss you.
They say I'll be okay, but I'm not going to
Ever get over you."
It's been almost four months.  I'm still sobbing.  Almost every day.
She was such an integral part of my life.  My best friend.  One of the few people who never doubted me, always thought I could be someone, something.  Someone I could always run to.  Someone who, no matter how hard her own trials were, had enough love and time to comfort me.  It's hard to just try and move on after 30 years of that.

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