Saturday, June 23, 2012

I hate today.

Today is the worst day.  Ever.
Today, we finished cleaning out my grandma's house.
I put my grammy's clothes into black garbage bags.
Every little sweater.  Every little shirt.  Every little tissue filled coat pocket. Every little pink and purple sock.
I don't want to get rid of any of it.  
I want everything to stay the same.  
For forever.
And then, I thought of something that people always say and I've just never internalized.
All of the things that we are just DYING to have will still be here when we die.
And they're just THINGS.
Yes, they have sweet, tender memories attached to them.
Yes, we love the owners of these things and miss them so much it hurts.
But, they're just things.
So, why are we all in this rotten rat race trying to buy up everything that we can?  
Why are we trying to keep up with the Jones's of the world?
I have found something much more precious.
I will not always have her things.
I will not always have her on this Earth.
What I will have, if I do my best...

is my family.
So, to heck with the rat race.
To heck with the Jones's.
From now on, I'm running a race of eternal significance.
I want to see my grandparents again.
I want my family to be a "Forever Family".
So, from now own...that's the thing I'm focusing on.

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miss aubrey said...

I love this post Katie. Family is everything!