Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things I Am Not...

I think this will be a two part series...Yes.  Let's do that.
Let's get started...

Things I am Not...

(sometimes, I do bad things.  don't judge me, you do them, too.)
A Parent.
(to real children.  of my own.  and I don't care anymore.)
(I hate everyone equally most of the time.)
(your point is?)
(again, another one of those "don't care" moments.)
A college graduate.
(okay, this I kinda regret...but just kinda.)
(yup.  again)
(I prefer pickup trucks and dirt to dinner parties and upheld pinky fingers)
A doormat.
(nope.  not one of those.)
A movie star.
(not yet, at least)
(I like to think I am...but I'm not. Or am I?)
(not right now, at least)
Addicted to caffeine.
(maybe I should take this one off....hmmmm.)

Also,guess what?  I don't care.  I'm great with who and what I am...which we will discuss later this week.  But not tomorrow, I'm busy being imperfect tomorrow.  And it's gonna be fun.  So there.

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Rachel said...

I love your posts! and you!! And you are perfect the way you are...imperfections and all. Totally wishing we lived closer, Batman, er, I mean, Katie.