Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wait. I'm a WHAT?!?

Right at this moment, I am so mad and so hurt and so annoyed that I cannot even think straight.
So please...forgive my rant.

Someone showed me something the other day and prefaced it by saying
"I thought you would enjoy this because you're such a feminist."
Yeah, that's how I felt.
So confused that only a gif from the Kardashians could explain it.
Let's clear this up right now.

Nor will I ever be.

Don't get me wrong.  I firmly feel that women should have all the rights and privileges as a man.  I think things should be fair.  But that's because I think things should be fair for everyone.
(is that Kardashian clip making you crazy too? scroll down.)

(and that's a big however.)
I believe that God gave men and women specific duties and gifts and talents in this life.
I believe that we should cultivate those.
I believe that we should exemplify those.

Now, I know.  I'm not a cookie cutter wife/mother/daughter/aunt/sister/woman/Mormon.
I get it.
That is not necessarily of my own choosing.
But because I believe in a merciful, loving and teaching God, I accept the life I was given and will do the best I can with it.
But just because I don't have children and I have a career in a male dominated industry doesn't mean that I am a feminist.
It means I don't have children.
It means I love my job.
It means I'm Perfectly Katie.
Just because I stand up for women and girls everywhere doesn't mean that I am a feminist.
It means I am a human being with a heart.
Just because I am more comfortable in a truck wearing blue jeans doesn't make me a feminist.
Just because I enjoy sports and hot wings instead of a cozy, romantic dinner doesn't make me a feminist.
It means that I like football and pickups and hot wings.
I love my husband.  I support him in his duties as a man, my husband and a priesthood holder.
And let's get this clear right now.
I don't want the priesthood.
I really have enough to do already without that responsibility.
And really?
What is wrong with just being a good woman?  NOTHING!  
A good woman can change the world and beautify it in a way that no one else can.
No person can love you like a mother or a sister or a "primary" mom can.
A man cannot do what a woman can.
This is obvious.

Now, don't call me old fashioned.
I believe household duties should be shared.  I believe bill paying should be shared.  I believe that men and women should treat each other equally.  
But...if my husband needs a sammich, I should and do feel great about making him one. If he needs a patch sewed on, I can do that. If he needs our home to be a place where he can relax and feel comfortable and watch football and eat my amazing nachos, I can provide that.
Not only am I a career woman, but I am also a woman of God.
Which means that I understand my role and purpose and I am doing my best to exemplify that role.
This doesn't make me less of a person.  It means I have love and concern for the well being of my spouse and for the children (although they are just primary children) and the pets that have been entrusted to me.
And there's nothing wrong with that.
So there.

Speaking of sammiches...I need to go make some because hunting season opens in 4 hours.
Off my soapbox.
Feminist, sheesh.
Girl, please.

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