Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love, Love, LOVE 2012

So, every year around this time, I try and remember all the things in life that I love.  So, here's a twist on your plain jane list...the ABCs of Adoration

A - Apples.  Animals.  Adkins (Trace). America.
B - Brothers.  Biscuits.  Baskets.  Brushes.  Butter. Books.
C - Cats.  Chicken.  Cacciatore.  Chesbro.  Cows.  Crayons. Cellos.
D - Dad. Dodge. Dirt. Dishwasher. Ducks.
E - Elephants.  Epiphanies.  Eggplant. Earrings.
F - Fruit.  Fireplace. Fudge. Friends. Football.
G- Grey's Anatomy.  Grandparents. Glue.
H - Hot, Handsome, Heavenly Husband.
I - Ice Cream.  Ipod.  Inlaws.
J - Junk. Jack. Jellybeans. Juice.
K - Kids. Kites. Kitchen. Kitties.
L - Lily. Lunch. Light Bright.
M - Mom.  Monkeys.  Matching Socks. Manolos.
N - Necklaces.  Nighttime. Nieces and Nephews.
O - Opals. Ornaments.
P - Pumpkins. Purses. Placemats.
Q - Quartets. Quilts. Quarters.
R - Red. Rumbi. Rivers. Real Deals.
S - Super Sassy Sports Sedans. And Sisters.
T - TIM.
U - Underwood.(Carrie) Ugly Duckling.
V - Valentines. Violins. Videos.
W - Water.  Watermelon. Waking Up.
X - um.....
Y - York Peppermint Patties.  Yummo.
Z - Zoo. Zipper. Zigzags.

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Shara said...

What a cute idea. U totally have three "x" 's you could have used:) your posts are so fun to read.