Friday, February 24, 2012

Things That Can Save the Day....(like Batman)

To say the least, it's been a dang long week.  So long, in fact, that it almost feels like two weeks.  So, today was the icing on the stupid week cake.  For both Tim and I.  It's been stressful and stupid and downright depressing.  Throw in a windstorm that rips the roof off of your shed and there you have it.  Tonight, the tension was just too thick and we were both incredibly grouchy that even Chocolate Milk from Reed's Dairy (which I highly recommend) couldn't solve it.  So, we decided that the best thing to do would either be to wallow in our own misery and laundry or go on a date.  We chose the latter.  Thank Goodness!  The entire point of this entry is to say that nothing can heal a horrible day like a good plate of down home barbequed meat.  Yes, we are carnivores.  In fact, I even skipped eating my delicious side dishes and corn muffin just to have more room for meat in my belly.  There is just something about the smokiness of the sauce, the tenderness of the beef and the combination of wonderfulness in my mouth.  So, there you are.  Be healed.  By barbeque.

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Rachel said...

I love this post. I mean really love it. I love the idea of just forgetting a really horrible, stupid week (day, hour, month, whatever), and running away for even just a moment. Very good reason for a date...and barbeque.