Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pack Meeting

I just got back from a Cub Scout Pack Meeting....always an interesting experience.
First and foremost...loud. (love that)
Second and most important...the theme tonight was Citizenship.  We watched a movie about the Star Spangled Banner and what it meant.  We talked about how America is like a brass band, with all different instruments that have to work together to make a beautiful sound.  We talked about respect for the flag and for our country and for the people of our country.
And suddenly...(insert bolt of lightning here...)
As I was watching these little boys learn about what it means to be an American, I felt my heart swell with pride.  I am so thankful for the Scouting program.
I have been discouraged due to the results of the last national, local and state elections.  I put my heart and soul into some of ideas and people.  I am a Republican.  I am a hardcore conservative.  That is just who I am.  It may not be a popular stance among my peers, but it's just who I am.
But, I am, first and foremost, an American.
This means so much more than just believing in Republican things or Democrat things or Conservative things or Liberal things. We are not black, white, purple, British, African, Chinese, Hispanic, rich, poor, Christian, Jewish, etc., etc.  We are AMERICANS.
While I am saddened by many of the left sides concepts and principles and beliefs, I have realized that I don't have to agree with them.
I do not need to put my energy into being angry, disappointed or trying to destroy the other parties and governing leaders.
There is no room for hate in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
My efforts are best spent praying to my Heavenly Father that the leaders of this country will be guided and directed to keep us free.  They are best used trying to make America a more beautiful place.  They are best used helping and teaching children to be good Americans, to be respectful and to take pride in their country.   I will commit now to spend less time grumbling and complaining about the government and giving them the respect that they rightfully deserve.  I will respect the choices and the rights of people who don't believe the same way that I do, because that is what America is.  It is a place of freedom, of respect, of hopes and dreams and opportunities.  And if those little Cub Scouts can take that much pride in their flag and their country....I can and will do the same. (and the students become the teachers...again.)
So, all I feel right now is that we could all do a little more praying,be a little more respecting and be a little more understanding.
Go.  Save America.  Make a difference.

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