Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some things are not black and white...

I came across an article similar to this in Sports Illustrated this evening...(yes, I read Sports Illustrated.)
Minnesota Timberwolves Too White?
I.  Am.  Annoyed.

Why, you ask?

In sports, things are not black and white.
They are sports.
They are not about religion.
They are about sports.
They are not about race, class, education, status, gender, etc.
They are about Sports.

So, thank you, people of Minnesota.  Thank you for ruining sports for us.

Just think about it...
For two to three glorious hours, you are not a Christian woman with a full time job and no kids and two cats and no Mercedes Benz.
For those few hours a week, you are nothing more than a (personal example...) Denver Bronco or Oregon Duck.
You are just the same as the guy sitting at the table next to you in the sports bar.  You are a fan.  Nothing more, nothing less.
You are important.  You know everything about your team.  You eat, breathe and sleep for the blue and the orange. (or whatever team colors you rep)
Football, for instance, is my sport of choice. I don't care what color my quarterback is.  I don't care that he makes more money in one game than I will make in a lifetime. I don't give a crap what kind of car the receivers drive or where they grew up or who their girlfriend is.  I care about touchdowns. I care about beating the socks of off the Raiders, Patriots, Steelers and the Chargers. I care about the end result.  I care about the win.  Period.
And now, a shameless Denver Broncos/Peyton Manning plug...

I suppose I just don't understand why everything in life has to be about race, religion, etc.

We're all human beings and children of God.  We're people. All of us.

Why the crap does it matter what color a basketball player's skin is?
And for the record, my favorite basket ball player is white.  But, it's not because I'm white.
Nope, it's because no one plays ball like John Stockton.
My favorite QB is white...because I'm white?  No.  It is because Peyton is a hall of fame QB who is going to bring Denver back to being an elite, Superbowl winning team and runs a slick, effective no huddle offense.  That's why.  If Michael Vick played for Denver and could do that?  I'd be a fan.  Unless, of course, the QB was Cam Newton...merely because I hold grudges...

I want my three hours back.

If you have a problem with Minnesota's bball team being too white...let me let you in on a's not the owners that are racist.  It's you.  Grow up.
Now I can go to bed and not be quite as mad.

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