Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scrooge and Peppermint.

In case any of you are wondering, I'm trying very hard not to protest Christmas this year.  According to the Mayans, we're not going to make it that far anyways, right?  Anyhow, I'm feeling especially grinchy this year, much to the chagrin of my mother.  There are a few reasons.  One is painfully obvious.  I only have one house to decorate this year.  For the last 7 ish years, I've decorated two of them.  Naturally, you'd think that I would be excited to have some free time.  But no.  I'm not.  It's bittersweet.  Christmas has always been about the birth of our Savior and about my family.  A big part of that for me is gone.
Another reason, is that the only person I would really be decorating for now is my husband. I'm not sure he cares, but we have no kids, no Santa at our house, no need to put out cookies and milk and honestly?  I've tried to still do those things for the past decade and all it does is make me look a little bit eccentric and sad and old.  All the cats do is eat my ornaments and pull my tree down and sleep on top of my ceramic Christmas town.
Third, I have a "Can't say no" problem.  I've volunteered to do a lot of things this season to keep myself busy.  I feel completely overbooked.  I suppose that I'll have to give up a few of these things in order to keep my sanity...but I think instead of decorating and celebrating Christmas, I would like to get on a cruise ship and not come back until January.
However, because I'm not independently wealthy, I need to buck up.
I need to watch White Christmas and Smoky Mountain Christmas and listen to Bing Crosby and drink some hot chocolate and put Santa hats on my cats.
So, please, be patient with me, world.  I'm doing the best I can.


Mandy said...

Hang in there, Sister! I say you totally protest- Christmas with the Kranks style!! On Christmas Eve just make some Mexican food, turn on Downton Abbey, ignore all of it. Since you're super busy the season should pass quickly! Or if you feel like running away I have a comfy guest room and you can enjoy my (crazy, sugar-high, talking-about-Santa-24-7) girls! They miss you! and so do I!

Jolene Hurst said...

This is your mother speaking: I say you remember happy memories and you decorate for you and have a santa hat that fits your head and learn to say I AM OVERBOOKED BUT THANKS FOR THINKING OF ME! Life is for living to the fullest whatever we are handed to do it with. I cannot stand for you to lose your zest.

Tim and Katie Jean said...

Dearest Mother, that's exactly why I will be decorating. But first I will watch Smoky Mountain Christmas and eat some cookies.

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

You are so sweet! My heart goes out to you. I didn't like Christmas as much in my 20's for the same reason. I was thirty before I had my first baby. It really isn't the same without children to be around. Hugs!